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8 Indicators to Uncover a Potential Real Estate Goldmine


Why Invest in Real Estate?

Investing in real estate is growing in popularity and is widely considered to be a better choice versus stocks when it comes to return on investment (ROI). People also enjoy the control over their cash when investing in property. As the landlord, you can choose whether to upgrade a property, raise the rents, etc. You are the CEO. There are also tax advantages to investing in real estate over stocks, and a house is, of course, a tangible asset.

Indicators of a Good Real Estate Opportunity

  1. Accelerating home prices in one particular area compared with other surrounding areas is a sure sign that things are changing in that location; try to catch this trend early to make the most out of the upward growth.
  2. Look for early signs of development in an area, for example, land clearing, construction of roads, widening of lanes, etc. Spotting early signs of growth in a town is a great way to keep abreast of changes in housing prices.
  3. Visit the town hall to find out about major projects in the area and details of upcoming developments. This can provide you advanced notice that an area may soon experience declining housing values.
  4. Look for the construction of new schools and shopping centers in an area. This indicates that new people will start to take an interest in the location. When buying a property to live in, you should always check the surrounding schools, and the same goes when buying an investment property. Good school districts often mean a more stable housing environment, which can play an important role when you eventually decide to sell. Plus, they might act as a draw for tenants that have or are considering a family.
  5. Investigate the tax structures of an area. Sometimes two almost identical locations can demonstrate a striking difference when it comes to housing prices, and this can sometimes be due to the tax structures. The lower tax location tends to be more desirable.
  6. Identifying the ratings of the local schools is a great way to determine if an area will attract buyers. Parents are often dominated in their real estate choices by the results of the schools in the area.
  7. Another factor to watch out for is whether a town has become either overpopulated or overpriced. In these instances, it is useful to start watching the outlying areas, analyzing early signals of growth in the outskirts.
  8. Once you have identified opportunities within a particular area, it is still useful to know how to find which properties within your chosen zone could be investment opportunities. The following quick calculations can narrow the pool further, allowing you to uncover a real estate gem.


Finding a good investment opportunity in real estate may not be as difficult as you initially think. There are a few key indicators of growth in an area you can look out for and with these, the earlier you can act, the more potential for profit.

Accelerating home prices in one particular area compared with other areas surrounding it, early signs of development, new schools and shopping centers are important signals when deciding to purchase property. It is also useful to watch for towns that have become overpriced or overcrowded and begin to analyze the growth of the outskirts.


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