Smart Investing

Interested in smarter investments?  Have you considered real estate & housing rentals, property management?  Where else can you get a loan to purchase an asset and have someone else pay down that note?  Rental properties do just that. Professional property managers make it easy.
  • As a tenant pays rent, you pay down the loan with those funds.  As that loan gets paid down, you increase your equity in the rental house.  You can leverage that equity later to purchase additional rental properties.
  • Pyramis has many property management clients who are investing wisely in rental properties, we know how to help you get started.  With additional counsel from our CPA and attorney partners, you can be safely investing in no time.
  • What about purchasing these properties?  We have REALTORS® who are well versed in finding properties best suited as rental properties in San Antonio.
Interested?  It doesn’t hurt to contact us!  We can show you how to make smarter investments. Pyramis        

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