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Home Foundation Movement


Is there anything more worrisome than foundation movement on your home? This one simple fault affects the entire stability and strength of your home. After all, everything else rests right on top of this one all-important item. As nightmarish as it may be to uncover some movement in your foundation, you should know that you aren’t alone. Lots of homeowners face the same serious issue each year. The best thing you can do is catch the movement problems early by detecting the warning signs.


Find out what you should look for if you suspect that your property may have some foundation movement with these top signs.


Foundation or Wall Cracks

This is typically the first sign that homeowners will notice. You may see large cracks on the exterior of your home or in the concrete foundation at the bottom of the property. Small cracks and hairline fractures are usually harmless, but these cracks will be much larger gaps measuring ¼” or more. Even if you don’t see them on the outside of the home, you may still notice their effects on the inside.


If you are looking at the interior of the house, you will see more cracks appear in the walls around the doors, windows, and ceilings. While all cracks should be taken seriously, those that occur at a 45-degree angle indicate a more drastic problem. Depending on the type of flooring you have inside, this could even result in cracks across your floor that tear the vinyl or crack tiles. You may also have damage to your chimney or hearth.


Foundation Sinking

Maybe your foundation seems to be intact but your whole house appears to be getting shorter. You may notice that one corner or half of the house seems to be sinking into the dirt. The rest of the house may begin to follow once the shift has been made. This is definitely an issue you will want a professional to look at immediately. Even a one-inch shift can be cause for major concern when it comes to the structural integrity of the rest of the home.


Doors and Windows Stop Opening

When the foundation seems to be moving around, you will likely experience some difficulty opening your windows and doors. They might stick in their frames or refuse to close properly. A simple issue like this can make your daily life a lot more difficult. Be sure to eliminate other possible reasons for why your doors and windows don’t open, such as changes in humidity levels. However, this is something you may want to have a professional look at if the problem persists.

Depending on the extent of the damage, your repair could cost close to $10,000. The best thing you can do is to catch the damage early before it becomes more pervasive and requires greater intervention. With Pyramis Company, our well-known property management services can help you to spot the signs of foundation movement during our routine inspections of the property. Let us help you take better care of your homes!

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