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How Concierge Services Can Save You From Disaster


Owning property is an investment in your future; rarely does another purchase build as much equity and value in a portfolio as a residential building. The investment is tricky but valuable; unlike stocks, you won’t regularly see dividends, but when you sell the property or use it for rental income, you can make back far more than what you put in. The best investments are those that end up being safe; if there’s a threat to the security of your investment, it’s well worth your while to put in the effort to protect it. When you’re away from your home, or you own a second property that you’re often absent from, concierge services are a dependable way to avoid potential disaster.


Concierge services are a professional way to maintain your property while you’re absent. This might involve cleaning out the pool, mowing the lawn, and other yard work; if it’s your primary residence, it may also involve checking the mail, and stocking up on groceries for when you return. The house might be cleaned weekly, including gutters and chimneys, or even winterized if you’re going to be away when the colder months hit. Perhaps most importantly, concierge services can help with security, including coordinating a security plan with you, finding high-quality security and alarm systems and contractors, and regularly passing by and through the home to deter any unwanted activities.


There’s always the temptation to leave this type of work to friends or family; asking them to monitor the house, check the mail, or perhaps live on the premises. The advantage of this route is the potential cost savings, depending on how cheap your relations are willing to go, but there are several drawbacks as well. First, while your relation might be a good person, they are not professionals in the world of property management. Creating a plan of action for what to do if anything goes wrong, helping you find qualified services for yard work, repair, security and maintenance, and acquiring specialized help like pool cleaners is probably outside of their realm of expertise. Your relations also have their own properties, their own lives; if an emergency occurs, and they need to leave the city, or find themselves otherwise too occupied to take care of your property, who will? You’ll have to call other friends, try to arrange something on the fly; schedules might be mixed up, days of supervision might be missed, and the risk of problems occurring on your property skyrockets.


Peace of mind is a hard thing to find, and when it comes to your biggest investment, it’s well worth getting. Well-known property management services, who specialize in making the most out of residential properties, are experts in keeping your space running smoothly. Don’t risk undue hassle and stress while you’re away. Don’t risk the chance of spoiling a good relationship with the tension that comes from a mistake they made when taking care of your property; hire a concierge service, and rest easy!

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