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A Guide to House Flipping and Rents – Do the Math


Looking for a good investment for the money you have accumulated? Are you reluctant on investing in stocks and other businesses? If so, then investing in the real estate market may just be the perfect opportunity for your money to grow.

Acquiring or buying a property is one thing, and learning what to do with it is another. After you buy a property, you may resell it for a higher price, or you may also go for rents – do the math, and you’ll see that both business schemes have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages on your finances.

If you want to maximize the ROI and hasten the rates which this would proceed, then learning how to determine commercial property value, how much rent to charge, or how do you price your rental property can surely help you get the highest returns for your real estate investment.
A Guide to House Flipping and Rents - Do the Math

Property Flipping or Rents – Do the Math and Find Out Which One is for You!

As mentioned earlier, you can go for two business options after buying a property such as a home if you want to optimize the return on investment for your money.

You may either opt for property flipping, or you may opt with rents – do the math and see which scheme better works for you. Each of these business schemes has their advantages and disadvantages and knowing what these can help you find out which one works best for you.

Read references like magazines, blogs, and textbooks so that you can calculate better what move you should do next after you obtain a property.

Reading a textbook and other references can help you get an idea of renting out properties or reselling them, which can ultimately guide you what to do next, especially after doing the math.

As an overview, reselling properties have faster rates of ROI but renting them out can ensure that you have constant access to cash.

Property flipping or rents? Do the math and find out which scheme works for you!

How to Determine Property Value

There are several factors that influence the price of a property, and knowing how to determine property value can surely help you calculate if you should rent it out or resell it. Some of the factors which can help you determine how you price your rental property include:

  1. Location – access to commodities, roads, and much more.
  2. Date of Acquisition
  3. Fair Market Value of Neighboring Properties
  4. Date the House Was Built
  5. Hire a Professional Property Manager to Complete

How Do I Price My Rental Property?

With the factors mentioned above, you can calculate properly the figure which must come in so that you will generate income from your investment optimally.

There are other ways you can get an ROI for such investment, but with property flipping and rents – do the math, and you’ll find out how much rent to charge so that you can get the figure you want to come into your bank account regularly.

Real Estate Tips House Flipping and Rents - Do the Math

Determining How much Rent to Charge

Learning how much rent to charge can help you hasten the rate of your ROI, which is why it is advised that you do some research on how much per square feet is the fair market value of rentals for usable spaces.

In addition to great property management practices, you will be assured of getting back the capital that you’ve shelled out and gain even just a bit of income in no time.

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