Now Is A Good Time To Invest in San Antonio Rental Homes

Buying a house with the intention to rent it out may be a good bet in San Antonio, with its booming population and low unemployment rate.

With excellent job growth, particularly in lower paying jobs, population growth and relatively low home prices make investments in single-family homes as rental properties a good opportunity, not to mention, interest rates at an all-time low.  30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Drops to 4.09 Percent — Lowest Rate in 10 Weeks

There are still a number of single-family rental markets that investors would benefit from checking into and San Antonio would be one of those such cities.

Buying single-family homes as rentals still yield solid returns in San Antonio, but it is difficult for individual investors and even small-to medium-sized institutional investors to find reasonably priced inventory in this market dominated by the big guys in the single-family rental space.  However, engaging one of Pyramis Company’s qualified real estate agents who specialize in San Antonio property management inventory can help you find that special property meeting your investment criteria.

Real estate investment opportunities vary greatly market by market. The availability of gross rental yield information and other valuable analytics empower buyers to make more scientific decisions about where to invest and a Pyramis real estate agent can help you.