The purpose of this Handbook is to communicate the policies, procedures, and practices that dictate how we intend to manage your property. It will serve as your guide to our management practices, and shall further constitute an attachment to the Residential Leasing and Property Management Contract you entered into with us, of which this is incorporated therein. This document will enhance communication between us and make our ongoing relationship stronger and more transparent.  

Over our nearly 40 years in this business, the vast majority of conflict between our clients and us has stemmed from differences in expectation of service.  This document has been drafted with the intent of setting these expectations from the start, in writing.  Pyramis’ dedication to superior customer service forces us to adhere to the standards, terms and conditions of this Handbook.  Should you, a client, desire for us to deviate too far from these expectations due to special requests, you should understand that such deviations will either (a) negatively impact our ability to provide the superior service that is our hallmark; or (b) come at an additional expense to you, as we would have to set aside special time and procedures to accommodate such special requests.

This Owner’s Handbook will be updated regularly as needed to keep up with changes in the laws and economics that affect our business practices.

Click to Download: Pyramis Owner Handbook

Last updated: 2023-11-15