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Why Choose Pyramis for Your San Antonio Property Management?

With so many San Antonio property management companies available to manage your property, you should know why Pyramis is the clear choice. Our company is committed to helping you protect your largest asset with the excellence that only years of experience can provide. Compared to our competitors, we’ve been in business longer and have established a reputation as one of the best.

That’s why we believe we’re your choice of property management companies in San Antonio.

When you trust Pyramis with your property management, you’re gaining the assistance of a top-level company with nearly 40 years in business. We were founded back in 1985 by founder and current CEO Craig Acord. He has the most experience of any professional REALTOR®, broker, and certified property manager in the San Antonio area.

At Pyramis, we take pride in our prestigious certification as a Certified Property Manager (or CPM®). We have the experience and the qualifications to prove that we know how to properly take care of your largest asset. We believe our testimonials speak for themselves.

Pyramis prides itself on the ability to take care of our customer’s properties with the highest quality service available in the industry. How do we do it? Take a look at these key qualities that set our company apart from the leading competitors.

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    Why Choose Pyramis

    Pyramis Points of Difference

    We manage properties as if we owned them.  Period.  No fancy guarantees we can’t back up.  No tricky pricing or menus.  We don’t cut corners on showings or property visits.  We don’t hide from clients and tenants.  We’ll never push you into signing with us.  The fact is, we don’t need to do any of that to get clients to do business with us.  Clients choose Pyramis because they know we’ll take excellent care of their property and look after their best interests.  Simple as that.

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    Us vs Other Property Management Companies

    How Pyramis Stacks Up to Others

    Most San Antonio property management companies are general service brokerage businesses. They do residential sales, commercial management and leasing, residential leasing and some residential property management. Basically, a little bit of everything. Let’s say you go to your family doctor because you’re not feeling well. The tests come back and your doctor states, “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is you have a brain tumor and the good news is I can take it out tomorrow.” Are you going to let the family doc do this surgery? No, you are going to go find a specialist. So why would you consider a company who doesn’t specialize in residential property management to care for your asset that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars?

    We’re a specialist

    At the Pyramis Company, our primary business is that of managing any residential property not requiring on-site managers. We manage single family homes, duplexes, four-plexes, townhomes, and condos. How we are different from a company that manages 500 or 1000+ properties? Frankly, there is a massive difference. We will be handling your property as if it were one of our own; we offer one-on-one service. You have a dedicated property manager for your property or properties, not a pool of them. By using a larger company, you risk putting your property into the hands of someone who is simply going through the motions of answering the phone and scheduling service calls. We are exactly the opposite. Each of us personally commits as a team to all of our clients as a family. We work diligently to ensure that our properties are not vacant, are rented quickly, and are rented to highly qualified tenants.

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    Why Hire a Professional

    Why Choose Pyramis

    Thinking about managing your own rental? Are you comfortable with the 60+ statutes that apply to owners of rental units? Do you know how to properly qualify and screen prospective tenants? How would you handle determining what the optimal rental rate is for your home since most of the data you need is not public? Have you ever had to track down a tenant two weeks late paying rent? What about filing an eviction? Ever dealt with a house fire resulting from a lightning strike while you’re 1,500 miles away? What about the roof damage from a hail storm you didn’t know happened?

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    Better Service for Your Money

    Why Pyramis?

    • Boutique Management

      As stated above, we’re selective as to what properties we manage.  We’re a small company, we don’t manage 1,000+ properties.  When managing that many properties, you have to become a factory operation in order to be profitable.  A team of people handle applications, another team handles maintenance, another for tenant relations, and yet another for client relations.  If you have a question about your monthly statement, do you email a person or a generic email address and pray it gets to the right person?  They outsource all the move-in, move-out, and annual inspections.  In many cases, the people you’re dealing with have only ever seen photos of your rental home, if even that much.  In large part, customer service can’t survive in these environments.  You become just another address in their system.

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    • Higher Standards

      For the most part, the big real estate brands offer property management simply to hang onto you as a client when they are unable to sell your home.  To keep that relationship open for when there’s a buyer, they want to keep the property.  They’re far less selective on what they manage, they just want the eventual sale.  Think about it, would your agent prefer the one-time $4,500 commission for selling your home, or the $125/month management fee for managing the same house?  That’s not rocket science, they’re not invested in your investment; it’s just not financially feasible.

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    • Certified Property Manager®

      The CPM®, the most prestigious designation available to someone in the industry.  It means we understand not just how to collect rent and call the plumber. It means that we understand what it means to have investment property and how it should be handled. In Texas, you just need to have a broker in order to handle funds for another party. So, any real estate agent, with the permission of their broker, can say they’re a “property manager.”  Let’s put this a different way, would you have your family doctor perform brain surgery? Why then would you entrust a $100,000 plus investment to a general practitioning real estate agent? Make sure your property manager has the knowledge and training needed before you trust them with your asset.

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    • Longevity & Expertise

      Pyramis has been in the management business since 1985.  We helped to write the book on San Antonio property management. We know the market, the laws, and the best way to get things done.  32 years is a lot of experience.  Go with the new guys or the ones who have been around?  Do it yourself or go with an experienced professional?

      Our founder & president, Craig Acord, has been a professional REALTOR® in San Antonio since the early 1980s and a broker shortly thereafter.  That’s what experience looks like.  He received his CPM® designation in 1993 making him the area’s most tenured CPM® in residential property management.

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    Our Service Promises to You

    The Pyramis Promises

    You want a company who is going to be on your side through thick and thin. You shouldn’t take chances when it comes to hiring a management company, which is why we make a few promises to each and every one of our clients. You know exactly what to expect from our brand and we commit to standing behind these promises.

    We always respond

    We always respond to our clients when they reach out to us. We promise to respond to you within 24 hours, although usually much sooner. One of the most common complaints we hear from the clients who switch to Pyramis is the lack of communication from previous manager. We won’t ever be put in that category.

    No penalties to switch

    We don’t just sit back and collect fees every month. At Pyramis we earn our money. If you don’t feel we earned our fee one month, let us know and we will refund that month’s fee. We are here to earn our business and keep you happy. We always want our clients to be happy wit the work we do and we welcome any feedback that helps us to get any better.

    Re-rent leasing fees

    While most of our clients stay with us for years, things do happen and conflict arise. We do what we can to correct the situation, but in the event a client still wants to leave, we will let you out of the management contract with no penalties.

    Complete and total satisfaction

    You pay us to perform a specific service month after month. If you feel we have earned our fee for the month, let us know and we will refund your fees.

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    Every once in a while we receive the question, “can I do my own repairs?”  Or, “I have a ‘handyman’ I’ve used for years, I’d like to use him for repairs.”  While seemingly reasonable requests, after all it is your home we are, or will be, managing, our answer is “no.”  We’ve got nearly 40

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      San Antonio Property Manager

      Our San Antonio Property Managers are all Certified Property Managers®. This means that your San Antonio property is being managed by a professional who has the expertise and training specific to what they do, and that’s managing properties the right way.

      Other companies tend to use real estate agents as a “property manager.”  These real estate agents aren’t certified and they usually don’t have the properties or owners' best interest in mind. We can provide you with peace of mind that your San Antonio property is being managed by the right professional.

      As a San Antonio Rental Property Manager we provide essential services to our clients to make the process of renting much easier and peaceful. We will market your home in a presentable fashion, utilizing a large number of media outlets available to us. Properly processing tenant screenings, assessing security deposits and reviewing properties on a regular basis are just a few of the steps we take to make sure your property is protected.

      Many San Antonio Rental Property Managers don’t take the extra step of personally checking in on properties, in order to cut costs they remove this personalized service and outsource it. We would never do this to our customers. It’s in our best interest to make your rental property is managed the right way. When your property is in disrepair or unavailable for rent, this doesn’t just directly affect you, it affects our reputation and our ability to earn income. This is why we value your property as if it is one of our own.

      Residential Rental Property Management San Antonio

      Property management is not just about marketing gimmicks and sales to get you money quick. It includes the care and resources your property needs to thrive.

      Our San Antonio property management supplies your residential property with the necessary repair and maintenance services from only reasonably priced yet qualified service providers. The value of the investment in your property is not just important to you but it’s also important to us. Our management encompasses services like taking mortgage payments, collecting rent, providing insurance coverage, handling accounting, and visiting your property regularly to assure upkeep and maintenance.

      Your property will receive comprehensive protection that includes spot checks and routine inspections, security deposit management, insurance coverage and more. We’ll also ensure the best methods possible for keeping your property occupied continuously so you don’t have to worry about vacancies that can be costly and worrisome.

      We’ve been able to hold onto clients since the 1980s because we offer such valuable protection and remain committed to servicing our clients and keeping their best interest in mind. With our one-on-one servicing and mindset that your property is our own, we continue to keep our clients satisfied and able to sleep at night that their investment is not being ruined.

      Commercial Property Management San Antonio

      Many commercial property management clients believe they aren’t deserving of certain property management services and financial planning that large scale commercial properties receive from management companies in San Antonio. We hand select the properties we manage so that they fit our portfolio. Having a collection of Commercial Properties to manage that are all similar in scale and offerings allows us to provide the same services and assistance to all of our customers. We’d prefer to not handle large office buildings. Instead, we focus on small scale commercial properties that we can help our customers maximize profits and performance on. We will never make you settle for lesser services based on the square footage of your commercial property.

      One of our notable properties, a 5-building, 31,000 square foot office property that is located off of IH 10 called The Dominion, was rehabbed and serviced by our team of qualified property managers in order to increase the performance and achieve 100% occupancy. This location now has a waiting list for tenants. We were able to accomplish such a goal by offering our commercial property client our expertise on streamlining their property costs, investing in their tenant's experience and properly increasing rent value. Many of these services just aren’t provided to small scale commercial properties like this, by other commercial property management companies in San Antonio.

      We want to work with you on your commercial property management in San Antonio by means of delivering innovative ideas, renovations, solutions, in-depth reporting and analyses from our team of experts. You’ll receive these deliverables with timely service in mind and answers to any of your questions with no favor to your commercial property size.

      How Pyramis Stands Out

      Other Property Management Companies in San Antonio Texas are typically general brokerage service providers. They dabble in everything and aren’t actually a full-scale property management provider. They spend a lot of their time outsourcing certain areas of the property management services so they can save money and charge you fees later.

      These outsourcing tactics are commonly seen when it comes to property walkthroughs, check-ins, and reviews. This means the company managing your property doesn’t even see the property or visualize its actual state. They rely on a third party to provide an honest review. Having this kind of outsourcing and management from a team that does not specialize or have expertise in property management and renting can end up sloppy, and confusing to the property owners.

      We use our expertise that has accumulated over 34 years in the property management business to provide you with common sense rental property management for either commercial or residential properties. All of the required services are managed under one roof with no third-party outsourcing. We would never leave your property vulnerable and unprotected just to put more money in our pockets now.

      Additionally, because there is no outsourcing, we have extended knowledge and experience with handling important matters such as keeping up with landlord-tenant laws, qualifying the right rental candidates by means of credit and background checks, as well as advertising the property in such a way that it doesn’t sit vacant for extended periods of time.