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Investing in San Antonio Real Estate

Pyramis Company – Nationally Trusted Partner in San Antonio Real Estate Investment since 1985


Let’s get right to it. As a real estate investor, you’re seeking safe, sound property investments with the best possible returns. Texas Real Estate offers both, and this is especially true in San Antonio. Consider the following:

Investing in San Antonio, Texas

  • named San Antonio among the Top 20 Hottest Real Estate Markets for 2016
  • Forbes listed San Antonio as No. 3 on their list of 2016’s “Best Buy Cities”—the top 20 housing markets to invest in this year
  • named San Antonio one of the Top 5 Single-Family Housing Markets for 2016
  • WalletHub listed San Antonio as the 3rd “Overall Healthiest” housing market in the country


Your Return on Investment Increases as San Antonio Grows

  • Job Growth – San Antonio experienced record job growth in 2015. A total of 20 companies located or expanded in San Antonio during 2015 with an annual impact of over $1.1 billion and nearly 8,000 jobs. Job growth impacts real estate; substantial increases in home sales are estimated over the next 5 years.
  • Population Growth – San Antonio’s population increased by over 8% between 2010 and 2014! As the population continues to increase, property values continue to rise…meaning your investment is continually worth more. Recent data from the National Association of Realtors reflects a 5.8% increase in median home prices from 2015 to 2016.
  • Rent Growth – National Real Estate Investor Online recently listed San Antonio as 1 of 10 Cities in the Nation with the Fastest Growing Single-Family Home Rents.


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More Great Investment News for San Antonio Real Estate

  • Affordable Homes – In 2015, the average sales price of a home in the area was $231,976, and the median price was only $192,800.
  • Healthy Financing – In addition to low rates, WalletHub reports that home buyers in San Antonio are paying the lowest down payments in the country, with 62% paying less than 10% down. Bottom Line: you invest less per home to generate great positive cash flows.
  • Rentals in High Demand & Low Supply – Nationally, rental vacancy rates are at their lowest level in 30 years and the trend from owning to renting continues in urban/metro areas, ensuring demand will remain high. Another huge factor – San Antonio is 1 of 10 metro areas in the nation with the lowest share of income spent on rent, so despite being a great market in which to buy a home, it remains a great market in which to rent.


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Why Pyramis Company?

  • Trust – 32 Years of experience in the industry and in the San Antonio metro area market
  • Professionals – Certified Property Manager; members of every major real estate & property management organization (organizations centered on standards & codes of ethics)
  • Security & Returns – Invest with Confidence/Rent Quickly at Optimal Rates/Quality Tenants
  • Family Owned & Operated – We value relationships, have great staff, & care about our clients



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Pyramis Company – Investor Services

Pyramis Company provides the following services for real estate investment clients across the country:

  • We search out, identify, and help investors acquire undervalued, prime rental investment properties with the specific intent of generating immediate positive cash flows. We have several lenders who regularly work with investors and we have strategic partnerships with a CPA, attorney, and banker who work with our investment clients to set up business correctly, with the proper banking needs. At year’s end, we provide you with all the documentation you need for tax preparation.
  • We are the Top Rated Property Management Company in San Antonio. We have clients that have been with us since the 1980s. Many of our clients are investors and have multiple properties under management.  We understand the unique needs of these clients and we tailor our service offerings to our investors. Here’s a list of most of the services we provide as a:   Full Service Property Management Company.
  • Pyramis Promises. We’re not just client centered, we are client committed. We invite you to review our Pyramis Promises for client service & satisfaction.



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At Pyramis, our goal is to help your real estate investment realize its maximum potential through developing professional, personal relationships with Clients, Tenants, and Service Professionals.


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