We don’t believe in the pricing games being played in our industry.  We manage your home for a percentage of the monthly rent.   If it’s vacant, we don’t get paid.  If you’re not making money, neither are we.  Pyramis gets paid for the work we do for you on your property.

If you want confusing and misleading pricing charts, there are plenty to be found elsewhere.  If you’re looking for straightforward pricing, you’re in the right place.

Why would we sell you a “package” that offers fewer or lower quality services?  All that does is fragment a company’s offering, making it harder to provide a consistent level of service for everyone.

Pyramis goes the extra mile for our clients and offers many services at no additional charge.  We’ve even gone so far as the final walk/punch-list with the builder and closed on the property for a client—multiple times—at no additional charge to the client.


Straightforward Pricing

  • Management Fee: 10%. 9% for Active Duty Military. Rates even lower for investor clients with multiple properties.
  • Leasing Fee: 50% of the monthly rental rate. This covers all commissions and marketing costs.
  • Lease Renewal Fee: $200 per renewal.  This covers our time for conducting a market analysis and preparing the renewal documents.  It’s far less costly to keep a tenant than to turn one, so a portion of this expense is paid to the property manager as an incentive for helping to make your tenant want to stay.
  • Annual Property Reviews: $150 per report.  We send out an independent third-party to document the condition of the home.  They will note the presence of animals and any damage identified at that time.
  • Technology Fee: $25 annually.  This helps to cover costs for our owner portals & associated software, costs associated with preparing 1099’s, and the Blue Moon leasing system.  These items allow us to service our clients at a higher level and assist our clients with tax preparation.