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Property management is largely a thankless job. So many of our clients and tenants love us, though. It’s really nice to hear these kind words from them. We’ve got some great Google Reviews, too…

I honestly feel my investment is protected

Google Review:

I have several rental properties that I tried to manage myself from out of town…. Horrible idea, when my cousin recommended that I call Pyramis I was hesitant, but exhausted so I tried them. Six years later I can’t say enough good things about my experience. Michelle is my property manager and she always goes above and beyond trying to solve any issues. Pyramis is in top of rents, maintenance and tenant satisfaction which is a plus because it translates to less tenant turnover. They get quality tenants for all of my houses and they do it quick. I like that they do house inspections regularly, always tell me when a tenant is moving out or there is some dissatisfaction so we can address it. I honestly feel my investment is protected. I highly recommend them.

— Brenda C.



They are very responsive

Google Review:

We are tenants in a home that is managed by Pyramis. We have been very happy with how much we feel that they are on our side. I am sure they are also on the owners’ side as well, but it is very nice to feel that they care about us as tenants at least as much as they care about the owners. We have had a number of maintenance issues and it is always very easy to get a hold of someone at Pyramis and to get the issues taken care of. They are very friendly and for me, one of the best things about them is they are very responsive to emails. My preferred method of contact is emails and they are very responsive and I appreciate that. We moved to San Antonio from Southern California so it was wonderful to have the support of a friendly property management company as we made the transition to a new home. There were some hiccups with rent checks via bill pay in the beginning, but they were more very accommodating and offered a solution that worked for all parties.

— Matt O.



They are completely hands on

Google Review:
This company and the staff, in particular Michelle, should be considered if you are a homeowner in need of property management . I know there are hundreds of companies out there but this one is different….they are completely hands on when it comes to getting repairs and maintenance completed and effectively communicate with owners and contractors. I was impressed with the above average pleasant attitude and response time of Pyramis. I highly recommend… and believe me this company is a step above their competition!!!!
— Mikala R.



Talk to the pros at Pyramis Company

Google Review:

I have been a vendor for Pyramis Company, providing appliance repair service, for many years. I have visited numerous homes which they manage and find them to be very well maintained. Their tenants are very happy with the homes and the prompt attention given by the Pyramis Company staff if a problem occurs. Pyramis Company’s relations with their vendors is also top notch! Whether you are a prospective renter, or a home owner in need great management, you need to talk to the pros at Pyramis Company.

— Chris C.



Very Professional and Very Prompt

Google Review:

Very professional team and very prompt. We moved into an older home that was up for lease and everything that could go wrong did… they got the right people out either that day or the next and had everything fixed for us. I was extremely impressed I have never dealt with a company that cares so much and is so prompt. We haven’t been a client of theirs long but I can say I’m highly impressed so far 🙂
— Jennifer D.