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Fire Prevention, Part One
Good Tenants are Good Neighbors
Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away
Keep the Happy in Your Holidays
Advantages of Owning Your Home
Renter’s Insurance
Making a House a Home
Fall/Winter Maintenance Tips
Evading Scams – Emails & Unexpected Visitors
Rental Scams – How to Recognize and Avoid Them
What You Don’t Know About Credit Reports
Do you know if your real estate agent is a REALTOR®?
Moving Tips That Work
How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?
Rental Scams – How to Recognize and Avoid Them
Unexpected Facts Your Property Manager Wishes You Knew
Improve Your Credit Score
Properly Displaying the American Flag
Handy Pet Care Websites
How to Be on Good Terms With Your Landlord
Summer Fun
Avoiding Those Pesky Pests
Renting May Be Your Best Option
10 Attributes Of A Successful Rental Property
Poison Prevention
Safety Checklist


New Year Resolutions for Landlords
Rents – Do the Math
Important Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent
Why Should You Organize Your Taxes Now?
Professional Services for Your Investment
Selling a Property with a Tenant
8 Things You Can Do Yourself?
Should Family or Friends Be Tenants?
Are You a Knowledgeable Landlord?
Working with the Military
Property Management Outlook 2014
Heighten Curb Appeal to Rent Your Home
Top Mistakes of New Landlords
What is Title Insurance?
What Is Reviewed During Mortgage Underwriting?
Investment Properties: Frequently Asked Questions
Advice for New Investors
Landlords: What a Top Notch Agent Can Do For You
Flipping Houses vs. Real Estate Investing (They Are Two Different Things)
Make the MOST of Your Investment
Real Estate Superior Over Stocks


Using the 1031 Exchange
10 Rental Property Tax Write-Offs
Deflate Your Property Taxes
Free Ride From The IRS
Homestead Exemptions
Rental Property Real Estate Tax Deductions
Starker Exchange Will Defer All Of Your Tax Obligations
Tax Tips

Asset Preservation/Maintenance

Mold – A Critical Issue
The Five Biggest Turn-Offs For Renters (and Buyers)
The Do-It-Yourself Myth
Foundation Movement
Important Termite Information
Send in the Feds: Bed Bugs Beware
The Little Things: Small Fixes That Can Help You Rent

Property Management

Turning Down the Applicant
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
The Security Deposit vs. Normal Wear & Tear
When Someone Asks “Why Should I Use A REALTOR®?”
We Are Professionals
Why CPM® and ARM® are Assets
You Should Consider Real Estate Investments
Managing The Single-Family Home Can Be Challenging

Insurance/Finance/Real Estate Law

Termination of Agency
Gotcha! It’s the little things that can trip up a loan…
E-mail Negotiations and the Creation of Contracts
The Mortgage Market Is About To Get Smaller
Investor Insurance
Private Mortgage Insurance
Refinancing Worksheet
Security Laws in Texas
Texas Occupancy and “Newborn” Policy Established by TCHR


Tips to Effectively Cataloging Your Many Possessions
Five Things You Should Know About Home Inspections
How to Calculate a Home’s Square Footage
Professional Photographers & Why REALTORS® Are Using Them


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