Free Ride From The IRS

A section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange lets you do that in effect, deferring your capital gains tax What does investing in real estate have in common with the game of Monopoly? Winning at both requires acquiring the most valuable real estate by trading less desirable properties for more attractive ones. For real estate investors, it’s easier

Foundation Movement

Some suggestions for every homeowner’s nightmare Foundation – the mere word suggests stability, soundness, and permanence. Unfortunately, in homes, that is often not so. Foundations have a nasty habit of moving and it’s not always down In San Antonio, expansive clay soils, when wet, will actually expand and push a structure (even large, commercial structures!)

The Do-It-Yourself Myth

“If I do it myself, I can save money, get it done quicker and get it done right! Furthermore, I don’t have to deal with ‘those’ contractors who are never on time and always over budget.” This is the Holy Grail of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project. How much is real and how much is myth?

Deflate Your Property Taxes

Appealing an inflated assessment can yield savings year after year If you’re among the millions of people who helped push home purchases to record levels over the past couple of years, be on the lookout for one particular piece of mail: the tax-assessment notice from your local government. As a new owner, you stand to