Stick with the Specialists

We’ve been preaching that property management is a specialization to be taken seriously.  Unfortunately, all that’s required in Texas to manage property is a broker to be responsible for the function.  More should be required in order to be a property manager due to the complexity of the job and the liabilities associated with doing

The Importance of Landlord Insurance

We use insurance to protect what’s most valuable to us; this can be our families’ well-being, in the case of life and health insurance, and to guarantee our investments and property, as with property insurance. As the owner of a rental property, it’s important that you consider landlord insurance; these policies are designed with rental

Dissolving an Agency Agreement

Have you ever wondered what might happen if you desired to dissolve an agency agreement? Many people believe that the contracts constructed between the owner of a property and their agency are unbreakable and immutable. However, this is far from being the case. It is possible to terminate an agency agreement under certain circumstances and