Handling the Heat

Record heats have affected the majority of the US in all areas over time and referred to as the “dog days of summer.” The news media has reported many heat-related illnesses and deaths. Many blame the effects of global warming. Whatever the reasons for the extreme heat, it is important to remember that summer is

Avoiding Problems with Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have always been an annoyance to people. They swarm, buzz, bite, and can make any outdoor outing difficult. Many people are allergic to them, which can make things worse. In certain areas of the world, they are responsible for people contracting malaria and to enter some countries, you must obtain malaria shots. Now, in

Advantages of Owning Your Home

What are the advantages of owning your home? When you own your home you can: Build equity — your wealth will increase as you gain more home equity. If your home “appreciates” (increases in value over time) equity builds even faster. Building equity allows people to plan for their future. This could be retirement, college

Making a House a Home

Many rental properties have a bland or neutral look throughout. There are exceptions, but property owners try to avoid conflicts with residents’ furnishings. Most rental contracts contain clauses that tenants are not to alter or modify the property because the landlord wants to maintain a neutral color scheme for marketing to future tenants. If you,

Evading Scams

Scams are prevalent; it’s a fact of life in today’s world. You find them in your email, Internet, telephone calls, the mail, and even at the front door. Email is notorious for scams. You have probably spotted them in your Inbox. Most of the more obvious and ridiculous fall into your junk or spam files