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Reporting and money are two elements that are very important to our clients.  We want these to be accurate and consistent every time.

Monthly Statements and Distributions

Every month property owners can expect to receive their monthly cash flow statement.  This shows rent coming in and repairs or other expenses going out. It will also show you the status of your reserve balance and how much will be in your distribution that month.  We send your funds electronically the same day your statements are sent and most clients receive them within 12-24 hours. This happens between the 10th and 15th of the month.

Lease Documents & Property Reviews

Every time we execute a new lease or lease renewal for your property, you’ll be provided a fully executed copy of the documents for your records.  When the annual reviews are performed on your property, you’ll receive a copy of it along with notes from the property manager summarizing any issues discovered in the report and any recommended actions.

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