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Home Buying Process: A Guide

Are you already definitive that buying a house is right for you?

If so, then you need to understand that buying a home means a significant financial commitment whether you are a first time buyer or are already experienced in the home buying process.

What It Takes to Buy a New Home

The home buying process is definitely exciting in that you will be acquiring a house that you will be soon calling your own home and yet it can also be overwhelming and daunting at times.

It will also require your dedication, responsibility, and discipline as you will need to shell out money along the way for extra fees such as those for your real estate broker, on top of the principal and interest rates which will be included in the actual pricing of the house.

However, there is always a way to make and keep the home buying process smooth-sailing and so much less taxing than you might think and expect it to be.

Presented here is a guide to the home buying process which you can recall or refer to once you have truly decided that it is time to get yourself and your family a new home particularly given that you are qualified to do so based on your credit score rating.

What Are the Steps to the Home Buying Process?

Be Early and Thorough with Your Research.

As one of the primary steps to the home buying process, you should start your research early and be thorough and mindful as you do so.

Peruse through the papers and magazines and of course, online where you can find real estate residential listings. Then you can jot down notes on specific houses which catch your eye and notice how long these particular homes stay on the market. As well, notice of any changes in the asking prices.

Doing a hands-on research on your own as part of the steps to home buying process will be very much profitable to you as it will give you an idea of the housing trends in different areas which you may be targeting to acquire a home in.

Be Aware of Your Financial Health and Capacities.

Be an informed house buyer and learn for yourself where you stand financially.

It is best recommended that you look for a home whose amount is not more than three or five times than your annual household income so that you will only have a moderate and realistic amount of debt.

Find an Excellent Real Estate Agent and the Right Lender.

Hiring an excellent real estate agent can be your financial adviser when it comes to the home buying process and can help you with the rest of the steps to the home buying process which will be discussed in the next sections.

On the other hand, you need to shop around in order to choose the right mortgage lender. You can start with getting referrals from family and friends who have experience with purchasing a new home. Of course, there is your real estate agent to provide you with advice and suggestions.

After shopping around for mortgage lenders, narrow down your options to at least four and proceed to consult with them. This will be the time to ask them all your questions in mind and be sure that they provide you with comprehensive and satisfactory answers. Also take into account the ease and comfort which you feel while talking to each of them.

Upon arriving at a decision, you can then at least get pre-approval. Pre-approval will only be based on informal conversations with your lender and will not be guaranteed. However, pre-approval will make for a good basis in getting a better idea of how much of a loan which you can qualify for.

Look for the Right Home for You and Then Make an Offer.

You must have a list of criteria for shopping for your new house. It should come in handy during the home buying process as you actually scour the town for your future home.

Are you looking for a bigger one than what you have right now in preparation for a bigger family in the future? What do you require the kitchen or the bathrooms to be like? Do you want a wide yard and garden area?

While you cannot get everything which you wish for your new house, this guide will help you identify and determine the closest that there is to your dream house and finally decide on choosing it.

In addition, be sure to have both first ownership and second ownership houses amongst your choices.

Once you come across the house that you find will be the best fit for you, your family, and your needs, then it is time to make an offer. For this stage of the home buying process, you can always consult with your real estate agent.

You will also need to get a thorough home inspection.

Coordinate the Paperwork and the Rest of the Home Buying Process.

Coordinate all the paperwork from home appraisal to the actual selection of the loan to closing the sale. Your real estate agent should be there with you during these steps of the process.

Will you be renting out your old place so that you can move into your new home? Then hire the services of the Pyramis Company for excellent property management of your residential structure for lease.



Check the Numbers: Beware of Some Turnkey Operators

Have you ever considered working with a turnkey operator to acquire properties?  Like in every business, there are some bad apples.  If this is the route you choose to take, beware and do your homework.

This article points out some great checks, but overlooks one very important issue, will the property actually rent for the rate they project?  How realistic are their rental projections?  After all, this is one of the make-or-break numbers.  Shouldn’t it be accurate?

We ran into such an issue with a Dallas-based operator.  They didn’t have their own property management, because they sold these investment properties all over the state.  Instead, they partnered with management companies local to the area of the property.  We were one such unlucky company.  After a trend of six properties being sold to investors with dramatically over-inflated rent rates and then referred to us turned into nightmares, we pulled the plug on the partnership.

We had to go through the same routine with each owner they sent.  “Why won’t my house rent?”  We always had to respond telling them that their rent rates were $200+ less than what they’d been promised.  That made them mad and thought we were the ones trying to cheat them.  We’d always have to pull the numbers and explain to them how to read our comparables reports in order for them to understand that we were the ones being honest.  This always made them even more angry knowing that they’d been taken for a ride.

The lesson here is to check with a professional, check with someone who isn’t invested in the sales commission for a purchase you’re considering.  It should be someone who will be honest with you.  It should be a company with decades of experience in this market.

If you’re considering such a purchase in the San Antonio area, feel free to reach out.  We happily run numbers for investors, whether they’re purchasing the property through us or not.

Contact us for a free analysis!



The Advantages of a Buyer Representation Agreement

Your Interests Are Professionally Represented

Enlisting the services of a professional Buyer’s Agent is similar to using an accountant to help you with your taxes, a doctor to help you with your health care, or a mechanic to help you with your car. If you had the time to devote to learning everything about accounting, medicine, and automotive mechanics, you could do these services yourself. But who has the time? This is why you allow other professionals to help you in their specific areas of expertise. View more…



Two Myths That May Be Keeping You From Buying a Home

Myth #1: I need a 20% down payment to buy a home.

For the last three years, first-time homebuyers’ median down payment was just 6%. In 2015, repeat homebuyers’ average down payment was 14%. That’s thanks to programs such as: conventional mortgages requiring less than 20% down; FHA loans requiring a minimum 3.5% down; plus USDA mortgages for rural areas and VA mortgages for active military and veterans requiring 0% down. View more…