What to Expect From Your Property Management Company

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Pyramis Company prides ourselves on being among the best San Antonio property management companies. Our CPM® certified staff and quality services add value to your residential or commercial properties while saving you time and increasing your profits.

Benefits of Enlisting Professional San Antonio Property Managers

Professional property management alleviates the stress of managing your properties by yourself. Managing an investment property comes with an almost endless list of tasks that must be completed in a timely fashion with complete efficiency and meticulous recordkeeping. Enlisting a property manager to manage your property offers a host of benefits, but hiring a company local to San Antonio ensures that your management company knows how to cater to local residents. Property owners can enjoy the following benefits when hiring a property management company:

  • Tenant appeal – Professional San Antonio property managers make sure your rental property has someone always available to address tenant concerns. This gives prospective tenants peace of mind and allows you to spend your valuable time on other tasks. We also help you avoid bad tenants by performing thorough tenant screenings. Properties that are professionally managed are more appealing to potential tenants, as they know their needs and requests will be met in a timely and professional manner.
  • Minimize guesswork – Take the guesswork out of managing your rental property by leaving the hard work to seasoned professionals. We screen potential tenants, protect and repair your property, collect the rent, and take care of all the bookkeeping. We stay on top of current requirements to keep your property up to code. We can even arrange to make the mortgage payments on your behalf!
  • Increase efficiency – Pyramis Company increases efficiency by retaining more tenants, providing a quicker turnaround when there is a vacancy, and streamlining your bookkeeping.
  • Maximize profits – By increasing efficiency, staying up-to-date on maintenance, and keeping your properties rented by screened tenants, you will maximize your profit margin, and save something even more valuable – your time.
  • Quality property maintenance – With a professional property management company, you never have to worry about staying on top of maintenance. We are CPM® certified, which means we are trained in maintaining and increasing the value of your real estate holdings.

Our Services

At Pyramis Company, we offer a variety of services as a courtesy to commercial and residential property owners in the San Antonio community:

Commercial Property Management – Pyramis Company has expanded our services to include commercial property management, after over 30 years of building an outstanding reputation for managing residential properties in San Antonio. Just like with our residential properties, we are selective as to which commercial properties we manage to make sure we are the correct fit. Since we offer a boutique service, with highly trained CPM® members on staff, we can give you the expertise that is usually reserved for large agencies. Pyramis company prides ourselves on providing our clients with a highly personal, top-notch management experience.

Residential Property Management – Pyramis Company presents your residential rental property to the largest available market, all while maintaining the interior and exterior appearance, and getting you the maximum value in the current market. We choose tenants that are heavily screened and have maintenance staff who give us commercial rates that are virtually unmatchable, saving you time and money. Our accounting services ensure that your bookkeeping is always up-to-date, and with services such as routine property reviews you can be confident your properties always look their best.

Concierge Services – At Pyramis Company, our concierge services are perfect for investment properties or second homes. Included in our services are general upkeep and housekeeping, yard work and groundskeeping, preparing the property for your arrival (including purchasing groceries and other household items, and putting them away), as well as more in-depth services, such as gutter cleaning, winterizing, and even vehicle detailing. With a single point of payment, and a detailed log of whom we allowed to enter your home and when, we are the perfect choice for property owners who want peace of mind.

Why Choose Pyramis Company

When it comes to property management fees, San Antonio property management companies vary. At Pyramis Company, we pride ourselves on keeping prices competitive without sacrificing quality, allowing property owners to benefit from professional property management services while protecting their bottom line.

At Pyramis Company, we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients and strive to meet each client’s individual needs; we are committed to keeping our Pyramis Promises.

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