Asset Preservation & Maintenance

Common Maintenance Issues – Avoidance & Work-Arounds

Issue 1 — HVAC:

Welcome to Texas.  Our HVAC systems work just as hard as our San Antonio residents, which means when summer comes around we get calls almost every day about HVAC issues. When we place a responsible tenant, we also explain that the filter needs to be changed a minimum of once a month, this helps with airflow and helps with the strain being put on the system. Another tip we mention is if you are not going to be in the property while you are at work or on vacation, set your unit to a higher temperature, this also helps with the strain put on the system.

Issue 2 — Clogged Drains:

We hope that all tenants are bathing, using the restroom, brushing their teeth and doing the dishes every day, but since these drains are being used frequently they will eventually clog if proper maintenance isn’t done. We recommend using drain covers or drain screens to minimize the amount of debris going into the drain and to not pour grease or other chemicals down the drain, boiling water works just fine if there is a slowing in the drainage.

Issue 3 — Pest Control:

When the weather starts to change into the warm weather we know and love, the pests and rodents around some properties wake up and try to get in, either through openings in doorways, chimneys, or through the plumbing Since they don’t pay rent to the tenant, they should be kept out of the property, this is a combined effort for both management and tenants, if you have an issue with rodents give your property manager a call and notify them as soon as possible, infestations of any sort can get out of hand quickly. We recommend checking to see if there are any easy entry points for pests, make sure all garbage is properly sealed and disposed of, and if you see something, report it!

Issue 4 — Water Leaks:

If you have a toilet that is always running, or if you have a leak coming from a sprinkler in the yard making a puddle, or maybe there is water coming from the ceiling? We recommend first, DON’T PANIC, then turning the water off at the street where the main water shut off would be located, then give your property manager a call, they will take care of the rest, but doing these additional steps helps to keep the home in good repair and make the house feel more like a home when things are working as designed!