If you own a second home in San Antonio, Texas or if you expect to be away from your San Antonio home for an extended period, you may have concerns regarding the maintenance, safety, and upkeep of your San Antonio investment property while you’re away. Common questions might include:

  • What if there is a burglary?
  • What if there is a water leak?
  • What if there is weather damage?
  • What if I have a rodent or insect problem?
  • How will I get the mail?


Relax, we have got you covered! A Pyramis Company property manager provides professional, dependable, and personal property management services for your second home in San Antonio, Texas while you’re away. The Pyramis Company is one of San Antonio’s most experienced residential property management firms. With 35+ years of experience, we have an established network of resources to handle almost any home-related situation. Your total satisfaction is our only measure of success. As we make our bi-weekly careful inspection of your entire home, outer buildings, and grounds, we will:

  • Check the operation of your security system, electrical system, HVAC and plumbing
  • Specifically, inspect for any water or wind damage or acts of vandalism
  • Irrigate all drains, including commodes, to prevent drying out
  • Water and fertilize indoor plants, if desired
  • Collect and forward mail
  • Check the operation of your refrigerator
  • Notify you of any problems and suggest means to initiate repairs, and, after your approval, arrange for such repairs to be completed
  • Prior to your next visit, check all systems for proper operation, set temperatures for heating, cooling and hot water

The Basics

  • We will use your shopping list to prepare the home for your arrival with groceries and household items – all purchased, delivered, and put away
  • Hiring and managing service vendors including pool cleaning, landscaping, and housekeeping
  • Handling special repairs such as meeting a furniture delivery or plumber on the property and locking up afterward
  • Meet owner or friends to drop off keys
  • House-Wrap: After your departure, we will change the sheets, empty the fridge, turn down the heat and close up the house

Yard Maintenance

  • Mow, weed, and trim
  • Additional planting and color added seasonally
  • Irrigation supervision
  • Manage landscapers and review the work
  • Single point of payment through Pyramis Company

General Housekeeping

  • Provide weekly or as requested cleaning services
  • Laundry and bed making
  • Provide house cleaners access to the house and inspect the quality of the work
  • Single point of payment through Pyramis Company

Seasonal and Specialty Services

  • Pool and spa maintenance
  • Gutter cleaning, chimney inspections
  • Winterize house: irrigation systems, hoses, spa
  • Home automation, security cameras
  • Vehicle detailing, drop off or pick up
  • Single point of payment through Pyramis Company


Our property manager can also serve as the local contact for your security company. In case of an emergency, we will personally respond on a 24-hour basis to assist law enforcement and we will notify you of every event in this regard. We offer and provide additional special services unique to your specific needs. Examples of these additional services requested by our existing clients include:

  • Provide access to your home for your guests, deliveries, or vendors
  • Arrange for qualified cleaning services after you leave or before you arrive
  • Oversee grounds maintenance, including gardening, pool, spa, etc.
  • Act as a project manager for needed repairs. With your approval, obtain bids, select contractor, be present when contact personnel are on the premises and ensure repairs are properly completed.


Thank you for considering our property management services! We will provide your home with the same conscientious care and attention to detail that you would provide were you there. We would be pleased to arrange an interview with you at your convenience and provide a list of personal and business references.