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Flag Etiquette: How To Properly Hang A Flag In Your Home

There is no doubt that America is one of the greatest countries in the world. With our long history of courage and bravery and our overwhelming freedom, it’s no wonder people all around the world want to become American, coming here in droves to get a fresh start and flee their oppressive countries.

With our amazing laws and legislature, it isn’t surprising how many people boast pride for their country, wearing American themed clothing and celebrating our nation’s holidays with great enthusiasm, bringing the whole family together to celebrate every year.

One of the greatest symbols of our peace and courage is our United States Of America stars and stripes, our amazing flag. The flag is made up of 50 stars on a blue background in the top left corner, and then thirteen red and white stripes occupy the rest of the flag, making for quite a unique sight compared to other countries flags.

Our flag is known by its proud state flying among numerous flagpoles, its red white and blue stature waving proudly against the horizon in countless sizes. But, do you know the rules of how to properly have your own flag displaying in your home or yard?

Flag Etiquette: A Simple Guide

Flag Etiquette: A Simple Guide

While it may be tempting to just hang the flag from a pole or on your wall and display your pride for your country, there is actually a long list of rules you must follow before doing so. While we don’t have enough time here to tell you every single rule, below we have gathered a list full of the most important ones to keep in mind when flying your own stars and stripes around your home, garden, or business.

The first rule you might not have known is that it is custom to display your flag only from sunrise to sunset unless you are trying to occasionally produce a patriotic effect. You also must display your flag quickly in the morning, but ceremoniously remove it at night, in order to pay full respects.

One of the biggest rules about the American flag is that it must be displayed on all days, especially major holidays. The only exception is that when the weather is inclement in the way that it could easily damage the flag, it is good etiquette to keep the flag inside to protect it.

The final rule we will be going over is the placement of the flag. The main rule is that when displaying the flag, it must be at the top or highest position in regards to other flags. That means no other flag can be above it or in a higher position.

So with all that in mind, hopefully now you have a better idea of the etiquette needed to properly display a flag on your home. Of course, you need a home first to display a flag, so be sure to contact our property management in San Antonio to help us help you find the home of your dreams.

One of the biggest rules about the American flag is that it must be displayed on all days