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Your Checklist of House Maintenance Tips in Preparation for Fall Season

Every season your home endures different dynamics in temperature, at times extreme weather conditions, wear and tear, and of course, regular use of it facilities and amenities.

In order to keep every segment and section of your home functioning smoothly, and for you to wean away from expensive repairs, it may be a huge help to resort to prevention by way of conducting seasonal upkeep and a maintenance routine appropriated for each season.

The summer is the perfect time to prepare for the impending cold of the autumn season. Wherever you may be located, the house maintenance tips in the following sections can come in handy as part of tenant management so you can save more money on repairs and that you can be prepared for the upcoming fall season.

House Maintenance Tips Maintenance and Upkeep of the Exterior of Your Home

House Maintenance Tips: Maintenance and Upkeep of the Exterior of Your Home

The Foundations of Your House

Maintenance and upkeep of the exterior of your home in preparation for fall involves checking its foundations for any forms of cracking and chippin, and sealing these cracks and chips by caulking, particularly on the masonry work, which can potentially be aggravated by the cold temperature during the fall.

Prevent further damage on your home’s brickwork by immediately sealing and caulking any forms of holes and apertures which can easily be permeated with water and moisture.

As water and moisture pass through the mortar joints and freezes, it will worsen the cracking and openings as well as result in accumulation of mold and mildew.

The Doors and Windows

Another house maintenance tip in preparation for the autumn season should include the installation of storm doors and windows. It is also recommended you take out the door screens and have them cleaned and repaired prior to storage.

The Roofing System

Be sure that your roofing system is in great shape. Have it inspected for any missing, loose, lifted or bent shingles and immediately have them sealed or entirely replaced.

You do not wait for the cold weather, ice and snow, heavy rain waters and strong wind to worsen the damage to your roofing system, should you find any. The roofing system is one of the most important defenses of your house and it is mandatory that you ensure that it is functioning as it should be.

You will prevent much deterioration if you maintain your roofing system as good as new. You will also prevent a damaged roof from affecting the insulation and ventilation systems of your home, among many other consequences.

Make sure you clean the gutters, gutter pipes and downspouts too. Install gutter guards or replace the old ones if you think your gutter protection will no longer endure the upcoming autumn season.

House Maintenance Tips Maintenance and Upkeep of the Interior of Your Home

House Maintenance Tips: Maintenance and Upkeep of the Interior of Your Home

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning or HVAC System

Get your heating system inspected by a licensed contractor as your heating system will most likely be utilized for most of the fall. In this case, it will efficiently use fuel, run smoothly and have lower chances of developing problems if serviced correctly.

You also need to check your fireplace and chimney to make sure they are working in proper order. Make sure you hire expert technicians to inspect and perform the necessary repairs and cleaning of your fireplace and chimney, particularly focusing on the creosote buildup along the liners and the brickwork atop the chimney.

If possible, take out your air conditioning units or have their outside boxes wrapped in a plastic cover specially designed for air conditioners. This is to prevent rusting of the metal parts of the AC unit. In addition, prepare your air purifiers and dehumidifiers by thoroughly cleaning them.