If you are going to rent out your home, make sure you have a lot of this

Everything changed when a landlord and his wife had a baby.

Previously, he came to the rental house often. He spent several summer weekends installing a French drain to address a flooding problem. He repaired a toilet. Painted the exterior. Cut down a dead tree.

After the baby arrived, though, the landlord was nowhere to be found. One month he didn’t even cash the rent check for three weeks.

Two lessons from that situation:

  1. Babies require a lot of attention.
  2. You shouldn’t manage your rental home on your own unless you have a bunch of time to devote to it.

There is an alternative to tackling all the tasks involved in renting out your house yourself (and I’m not talking about neglecting it): Consider hiring Pyramis Company to manage your rental. Our team can advertise the property, screen tenants, collect rent, take repair requests, schedule appointments to make those repairs, and ensure you’re complying with all rules and regulations that apply to renting out a property.

With a professional taking care of all those details, you’ll free yourself up to spend time on your other priorities. Like filling out the pages of the baby book that’s been sitting on the shelf.