Things To Consider Before Moving

I’m thinking about moving. What’s it going to cost?

Whatever your reason for thinking about making a move, you need to keep in mind the costs you’re likely to have. Factor these costs into any decision you make about moving.

Have you fulfilled the terms of your lease?

  • If you move out early, you’ll probably be responsible for various charges described in your lease, and any damages to the property.
  • These may include a reletting fee (a charge to compensate the property for costs it will incur in trying to lease your apartment to someone else) and the full amount of rent due during the remainder of your lease term or up to such time the home is re-leased.

Have you considered costs you’ll incur for new deposits?

  • If you’ll be renting somewhere else, you’ll need to pay another security deposit.
  • You may also have to pay deposits for utilities if you are moving to a new town or changing providers.

Have you factored in costs for transferring your existing utilities and services?

  • If you are moving within the same utility service area, you may still have to pay a fee to transfer your service or establish service at your new location.

Have you added up the hard costs of moving?

  • You may need to hire movers or rent a truck or other equipment to make your move.
  • You may also need to buy boxes, packing materials, tape, and other supplies.

Have you considered other costs you may incur?

  • Will you need to kennel a pet during the move, or stay in a hotel while you look for a place to live or wait for movers to arrive with your belongings?
  • Will you spend money on meals or other items while you wait to complete the move?

How much time will you invest in moving?

  • Will you need to use vacation time or sick days to make the move, pack, and unpack?
  • If you are self-employed or don’t have paid vacation or sick leave, can you afford to miss work?