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Leverage Expertise to Avoid Costly Mistakes with Rental Investments

Don’t you wish you had the recipe for the perfect life in investing?  I think most of us have that wish.  How do you get started?  Where are you going to get funding?  How do you select the right home?  How do you know the property you pick is going to cash flow?  There are so many questions you have to look at when starting out.

G. Brian Davis makes some great points in his article at BiggerPockets.  You really don’t have to make the same mistakes yourself.  You could spend days surfing the Internet looking for advice.  But, the majority of the mistakes discussed in his article can be avoided by having someone with a proven track record to advise you.

So, what if you had a reliable resource who knows the market you’re interested in and has the team to provide you with honest and factual feedback?  Such partners do exist in many markets.  Caveat Emptor, though, as too many agents will simply sell you a home with no real expertise in what makes a good rental or how to determine market rental rates.

Over the years, we’ve run into many situations where an investor reaches out to us regarding our San Antonio property management services for a rental home they’re already in the process of purchasing and we have to tell them that the rent is less than their mortgage payment.  How would you feel if that happened to you?  What if your friend sells you a house knowing you want to own some rental investments, only to find out later, the rental market for that neighborhood is so saturated homes are sitting on the market for 3+ months?

There are plenty of avenues to research best practices for new investors.  The best way to learn is to hire a competent advisor who can guide you through the processes and purchases.  In the San Antonio, Texas, market, you have the 34+ years of experience from the Pyramis Company to help you with your investment property management needs.