Property Management

Let us “Mange” Your Property

What happens when you work with a big company who doesn’t have a vested interest in your asset?  You’re just another customer.  You’re a number.  They can’t see you for the important customer you are.

What happens when you give that same company a big responsibility to manage?  Their mistakes could cost you more than just money.

Just recently, we were able to prove that point.  We ran an ad in a local San Antonio newspaper.  There was a glaring typo in the headline.  What should have read “we manage rental properties, let us manage yours.” Instead, the last line read “let us mange yours.” Handing them a simple task resulted in disaster.  They weren’t paying attention to the job they were trusted with, creating an ad. They certainly “manged” our ad.  That disaster proves a point we’ve been making for 30 years: take care of the client.  When you’re unable to focus on your clients’ individual needs, it’s them who suffer.

Let’s look at this another way, why would you trust a big company with your home and risk getting lost in the shuffle?  Worse yet, why would you trust a company who doesn’t specialize in property management?  Would you go to a national chain of family medical practices and, when they tell you that you have a brain tumor, allow someone renting the next desk over to remove that tumor?  Unfortunately, too many people do just that.  They see a big national brand and think real estate is all the same.  It’s not.

Pyramis specializes in property management.  Come see why we’ve been here for well over 30 years.  You’ll immediately see why we’ll be here for another 30.  Don’t let someone else “mange” your asset.