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The Importance of Quality Showing Feedback


Feedback from showing agents is very important to our part of the industry.  Providing quality feedback about the property and the showing process helps us better understand the continuously evolving preferences and expectations of potential tenants. Your input plays a pivotal role in helping us, and the property owner, better understand any issues from the perspective of a potential tenant.

Whether it’s positive aspects that caught your client’s eye, or areas that require attention, your feedback allows us to refine our rental offerings and make them even more appealing to potential tenants. Feedback also helps the property owners to better understand issues with the property that they may see as insignificant.

An “Insignificant” Issue

We have run into situations where the property owner didn’t think the lime green wall in the living room would prevent the property from renting, so didn’t want to spend the money having it painted.  But, after multiple agents left feedback about the lime green paint being an issue, the property owner understands the gravity of the issue and agrees to have it taken care of.  We reached back out to those agents who left feedback to let them know it’s being painted and we received multiple applications almost immediately.

How Does It Work?

After a property is shown, the showing agent receives an email soliciting feedback on their showing.  These feedback forms don’t really take much time or effort to complete, yet so many agents still don’t complete them. The form is only five questions—most being multiple choice—here they are:

  • Is your client interested in this listing? (Very, Somewhat, Maybe, Not Interested)
  • Please rate your overall experience at this showing (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor)
  • Your (and your client’s) opinion of the price? (Just Right, Too High, Too Low)
  • Please rate this listing (1-5)
  • Feedback about the property (Freeform text field)

Once the form is completed and submitted, it gets stored by our showing service and sent to us.  We then review them and take actions as necessary.  

Every Feedback Gets Read

We really do read every one of them.  They get read pretty quickly once sent and we’re able to address critical issues very quickly.  It really is fantastic that some agents report signs of water leaks or other critical issues after showing a vacant property.  In addition, our proprietary systems log and analyze every single feedback form we receive.  This allows us to provide our clients, the property owners, with extremely valuable information.

The Feedback Bounty

We believe in quality feedback so much, we put a Bounty on it.  Completing the feedback forms, and providing quality feedback about the property, enters the showing agent into our weekly Feedback Bounty.  Pyramis sends a randomly selected agent an Amazon gift card as a thank you for taking a moment to provide feedback.  We’re even doubling the Bounty for the month of December…