6 Common Cleaning Myths and Mistakes

Not all cleaning tips are created equal. In fact, some can be downright harmful to your home. Here’s a list of some common cleaning myths and mistakes to watch out for the next time you’re tidying up around the house

1.  Can carpet cleaning do more harm than good?

Most of the dangers associated with carpet cleaning are mold, odors, and shrinkage. More times than not, this stems from leaving carpets too wet for too long. Hire a reputable company or invest in professional carpet cleaning equipment for spotless, long-lasting carpets.

2.  Apply wood polish consistently.

The over-application of wood polish can attract excess dust and even dull the finish of your furniture. Consistent dusting is enough to keep your wood looking good in most cases. Otherwise, stick to the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.

3.  Tile grout is difficult to clean.

After removing dirt with water, use baking soda with a dash of vinegar to clean your grout. While cleaning your grout isn’t difficult, it is time-consuming.

4.  Bleach effectively cleans all surfaces.

Bleach works best as a secondary disinfectant. Remove dirt and food particles with an all-purpose cleaner before using bleach.

5.  A squeegee provides the same results as a professional window washer.

Many renters/tenants clean their windows with paper towels, squeegees or rags. This can cause static electricity to build up on window glass, attracting new dust and debris.

6.  Hiring a pro.

Understanding when to enlist the help of a professional will ensure you don’t damage your home with a DIY solution. Renters with hectic schedules also justify the costs of hiring a handyman by bundling several projects into one day. Professional maintenance also includes professional experience and expertise.