Good Tenants are Good Neighbors

Anyone can be a bad neighbor and no one wants to live in an area where people violate local laws or practice poor living habits. It is important to live quietly and allow others the quiet enjoyment of their home. It is better to avoid any situation that could label a resident as a “bad neighbor.” We have laid out the problems that occur in neighborhoods to assist you in avoiding difficulties with your neighbors.

The first issue that appears quickly and causes distress is junk and garbage stored outside the residence. There are simple ways to avoid this.

  • Pick up litter on a regular basis, even if you have not caused it. If something lands in your yard, pick it up and dispose of it properly.
  • Do not retaliate against your neighbors, even if you did see them place garbage or debris on your lawn – report it to your property manager or make a report to the local authorities. If it is a serious problem, let a professional help you.
  • After pick-up of trash on the specified day, keep your receptacles clean and put them away and out of sight.
  • Take down holiday lights and decorations when the appropriate season is over. Nothing can shout “junk” faster than this.

An activity that can cause major problems is how you maintain vehicles at your residence or in the area. Four major issues generally occur.

  • Parking abandoned, inoperative, or unregistered vehicles in front of a residence – this is not only an eyesore but is usually illegal. If you have a vehicle of this nature, store it within your garage behind a closed door or find a suitable place for storage.
  • Performing major vehicle repairs on the property, particularly on an on-going basis, is a great way to anger other residents on your street. If you must do repairs, be sure they are minor, such as an oil change, flat tire, or minor tune-up. Then complete them within a few hours, disposing of all consumables properly, and do not make it an every day or weekly habit. If it is a major repair, arrange to complete it at an appropriate commercial facility.
  • Do not park commercial vehicles at your residence. This is also illegal in a residential zone and can lead to neighbor complaints and major fines.
  • Parking motorhomes, RVs, or trailers in areas that have restrictions is also a big problem. However, the worst violation is if someone is living in these vehicles, which is illegal in many areas.

Animals can cause many difficulties in a neighborhood and can lead to serious altercations between residents.

  • You must keep pets, if permitted in your rental contract, in compliance with local ordinances, particularly as it concerns leash laws or dangerous pets.
  • Pets are not to violate the quiet enjoyment of other area residents. If you have a pet that constantly creates a nuisance, you need to seek treatment for the pet or find it another home.
  • Unless it is an agricultural zone or allowed in your rental agreement, fowl and livestock are restricted and illegal.

Any of these activities can lead to a tenant notice, so avoid this at all costs, and keep your rental history in the best possible condition. We want you to have peaceful enjoyment of your resident. If you need our assistance, please let us know. As your property managers, we are here to help you with your residency.