Helping New Tenants Feel at Home

When someone rents your property, they’re getting much more than a place to lay their head at night; they’re getting a place to live. A place to thrive, to grow, a place that will adapt with them as they change and develop; a home. Home is a reflection of who we are; it is filled with the memories and moments that we’ve cherished so much we want to remember them every single day. A home is a place you treat with respect; because it’s a reflection of you, you’ll keep your home clean, and you won’t want to leave. This is a key quality you want your tenants’ space to develop; the more the place feels like home to them, the easier your life will be.

There’s a number of methods you can use to make your new tenants feel at home. The first is to have a personal introduction; be there on move-in day, shake hands, and address any questions they might have. Doing this cements the idea that you’ll be available should they need anything, which can go a long way towards increasing their comfort. When you meet them, it can be a good idea to accommodate them with several different items to ease their transition.

The first thing on your list of things to give new tenants is an information package. This should be a well-organized package including essential information for the tenant; a copy of the contract can be included in this package. A map including key points of interests (grocers, gas stations, restaurants and the like) is nice, and you can include your own favorite spots for a personalized touch. Contact information for maintenance and emergency, the location and standards-of-use for trash disposal, parking, laundry, and mailboxes as well as how they will pay rent are all useful. Any information you find pertinent can be included here; you may opt to direct tenants to a customer portal. Reputable property management companies often run such online portals for customer convenience, so they can view the status of their rent payments as well as catch up on notices about the properties.

Gift baskets are an incredible way of making your tenants feel at home immediately. Theming your basket to make it new tenant friendly is a wonderful method: you can include new shower curtains, prepaid laundry cards (if you don’t have in-suite laundry) and other amenities you need when you first move into a place. Gift cards to restaurants and shops in the area are a great way of encouraging your tenants to explore their new neighborhood, and you can even add locally-crafted items to pique their interest. Knowing your new tenants can be quite helpful for creating the basket; if you know they have pets, for example, you can include treats for their furry friends; a bit of knowledge about their hobbies can also help you customize the basket and make them feel appreciated and welcome.