Higher Standards

For the most part, the big real estate brands offer property management simply to hang onto you as a client when they are unable to sell your home.  To keep that relationship open for when there’s a buyer, they want to keep the property.  They’re far less selective on what they manage, they just want the eventual sale.  Think about it, would your agent prefer the one-time $4,500 commission for selling your home, or the $125/month management fee for managing the same house?  That’s not rocket science, they’re not invested in your investment; it’s just not financially feasible.

On the other hand, we are selective on the properties we take.  We have the ability to turn down business in order to maintain our standards.  Why do we do this?  We do it so that we have the ability to take the best care of your quality rental that we can.  Less desirable properties are typically in less desirable neighborhoods or in areas that suffer from higher crime rates.  Properties in such areas usually have higher tenant turnover rates and consume more of our time.  Better inventory helps us provide better customer service.

Many of the calls we receive from prospective clients are dissatisfied with their current management.  At Pyramis, we’re sensitive to these situations and what causes this level of unhappiness.  This is not a decision to take lightly, but making a bad decision can be costly.  While we don’t ever want any of our clients to be so unhappy with us that they want to go elsewhere, we won’t hold you hostage with termination fees or penalties.  We’ll even make a promise to back that up.