Boutique Management

As stated above, we’re selective as to what properties we manage.  We’re a small company, we don’t manage 1,000+ properties.  When managing that many properties, you have to become a factory operation in order to be profitable.  A team of people handle applications, another team handles maintenance, another for tenant relations, and yet another for

Higher Standards

For the most part, the big real estate brands offer property management simply to hang onto you as a client when they are unable to sell your home.  To keep that relationship open for when there’s a buyer, they want to keep the property.  They’re far less selective on what they manage, they just want

Certified Property Manager®

The CPM®, the most prestigious designation available to someone in the industry.  It means we understand not just how to collect rent and call the plumber. It means that we understand what it means to have investment property and how it should be handled. In Texas, you just need to have a broker in order

San Antonio Property Management

Longevity & Expertise

Pyramis has been in the management business since 1985.  We helped to write the book on San Antonio property management. We know the market, the laws, and the best way to get things done.  32 years is a lot of experience.  Go with the new guys or the ones who have been around?  Do it yourself or