8 Reasons to Invest in San Antonio Rental Properties

1. Military

San Antonio’s military bases make it one of the prime places to invest, with a continuous stream of military members and their families moving in and out on assignment many of them choose not to buy but instead rent since it’s usually more economical and they are protected in their leases if they get orders.

2. Job Market

The fast-growing job market in San Antonio marks one of the best reasons why investing can be a game changer for landlords, people follow the job market, and San Antonio is getting interest from some major players like USAA, H-E-B grocery, the NISD (Northside Independent School District), TMMTX (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas), and our military bases just to name a few.

3. Reasonable Buyers Market

San Antonio’s median house price as of 2018 is $243,000 and an average rent of $1,300, meaning there are plenty of affordable homes to invest in and the demand for housing is continuing to grow, making it almost impossible to not be a successful landlord in our current market.

4. Community

San Antonio’s focus on community really sets it apart from most large cities in the US, everything is based in family and community, look no further than our Fiesta celebrations or the countless outreach programs helping San Antonio residents live safer, happier, more involved and healthier lives.

5. Millennial Desire

Generational statistic always seem to fascinate everyone, and with the boomers and Gen X’s of the world phasing out we look to the next generation to lead the way of growth and interest, according to the 2015 Census, San Antonio had the second highest growth rate in the country for millennials with an increase of 14.4%, many of whom choose to stay once they’ve reached adulthood. One thing millennials are known for is not buying homes like their predecessors, meaning the rental market is not only booming now but will be for years to come!

6. Supply and Demand

With an average of 66 people moving to San Antonio every day, you can imagine home developers are struggling to keep up with demand, making the rental market soar with potential tenants chomping at the bit trying to find a home, keeping rents and home values competitive!

7. Landlord Friendly

Texas is a landlord friendly state, with their efficient eviction process cutting down on unauthorized occupancy and no limit on security deposits you’re better protected from those who would wish to take advantage.

8. Things to do

Nobody wants to live in a boring or lifeless city. San Antonio offers The Alamo, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, The Riverwalk, Top Golf, endless shopping, countless festivals and parades, a booming nightlife, great places to eat and so much more, you’ll never be bored again!