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The 5 Biggest Turnoffs for Renters and Buyers

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Are you having a hard time finding renters and buyers for your property? You might be tempted to blame the housing market, but you should take a few minutes to assess whether your property is to blame. Landlords and property owners are often blind to some of the major issues with their homes. Unfortunately, renters and prospective buyers are painfully aware of the areas where your home might be falling short.

Most renters and buyers have a handful of common complaints about properties they view. If you have been hesitant to consider making some changes, maybe this list of the five biggest turnoffs will change your mind.

A Dirty House with Bad Odors

Would you want to live in a house that had trash all over the counters and an unidentifiable odor? Clutter, dirtiness, and pungent odors are all major turnoffs for prospective buyers and renters. In fact, this is the biggest turnoff with more than half of people agreeing they would walk away from a dirty home. You might need to hire a professional cleaning service to take care of the mess left by previous renters. It may even require a professional carpet cleaning to eliminate the obvious odor that permeates the entire building. A thorough cleaning can go a long way toward making your property more appealing to others.

Out-of-Date Designs

Homeowners and renters both want a home that seems like it came from this century. An old-fashioned kitchen space without any of the popular modern amenities isn’t going to cut it. Similarly, they want their bedrooms to appear modern enough that they can adapt to a new design and decorating style. The home should have some updates from the past decade that make it seem less old-fashioned.

Poor Maintenance

Maybe your last tenants beat the house up or you simply haven’t gotten around to the repairs. No matter what the reason is, your new potential renters and buyers don’t really care. They want to see a home that has been well maintained over the years. They may run away at the first signs of disrepair because they are afraid of other major issues that could be lurking just under the surface.

Weird Paint Colors

Sure, you love the electric blue paint in the living room but not everyone will. When you are showing a home, this isn’t the time to make drastic design decisions that might not pay off. Most buyers and renters want to see relatively neutral colors that will match their own décor. This allows them to visualize their own belongings in the space right away.


Have you ever walked into a house and felt the moisture hanging in the air? This is a major turnoff for renters and buyers because it often signals a greater issue. Perhaps there is poor drainage in the yard or a pipe leak somewhere beneath the house. No matter what, pervasive dampness doesn’t bode well when showing the home. You will need to identify the cause or install a dehumidifier to help alleviate the issue.

Take an honest look at your home to see if it is in move-in ready condition for a new renter or buyer. With the help of reputable property management companies like Pyramis Company, you can get your home in shape to sell or rent in no time at all. Contact us to see how we can help you transform your property today!