Can My Property Manager Help Me Weed Out Bad Tenants?

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Weeding out potentially negligent tenants is one of the most challenging and stressful aspects for even the best San Antonio property managers. Apartment complexes are especially vulnerable without the assistance of an experienced San Antonio rental property management company to help look out for the best interests of the property and other residents.

Pyramis Company is a leading resource for the kind of comprehensive property management San Antonio rental property owners have come to expect. Educated and experienced management professionals work to make sure to filter out potentially harmful tenants prone to trashing rentals and leaving behind a trail of bills and lost income for the property.

San Antonio property managers can reduce the chances of renting to a bad tenant who is likely to exhibit destructive and costly behavior by following some common-sense guidelines and tips.

Professional Listings

Your ad looking for a renter will make the first impression of the property and the rental arrangement, to both good and bad prospective renters. Make sure the ad is clear, detailed, written correctly, and accurately. Warn potential rental applicants that a background check, former landlord information, current job, income information, and verifiable references will be required before a rental agreement can be signed. All rental rules should be communicated in the initial ad, so all parties are on the same page.


An extensive pre-qualification process can help San Antonio property managers avoid costly pitfalls or bad tenants. Request contact information from at least two prior landlords and perform due diligence to verify the information given. Prospective tenants who go to the trouble to provide false information are likely to skip out on the rent or damage the rental unit.

All specifics regarding the tenant’s job, income, and references should be thoroughly vetted and verified. Again, if a tenant is willing to lie on the application form about crucial information, they cannot be trusted with your rental property.

Get everything in writing and verify all information given on the application, where lying is an automatic cause for rejection.

Renters Insurance

Requiring new tenants to carry a current renter’s insurance policy is a great way to flush out a potentially bad tenant. Someone likely to not pay the rent will have no use in needing to protect their valuables.

Make it Look Good

Bad tenants will generally avoid properties with well-maintained curb appeal and professional property management teams who keep a lookout for destructive and costly behavior. Properties who take pride and care in the upkeep of their grounds and buildings will usually dissuade bad tenants from attempting to rent.

Have a Heart, But Don’t Get Fooled

San Antonio rental property management companies hear sob stories every day. People with poor credit in difficult situations will seek out rental properties to put a roof over their heads. Truly bad tenants will try to take advantage of landlords by saying just about anything that will get them in the door.

Good prospective tenants who have legitimately fallen on hard times or are a long-term risk due to credit or rental history may be offered shorter-term leases to reduce the risk to the property and give the renter a chance to prove they will not become delinquent on monthly rental payments.

Be a Law-Abiding Professional

A good property manager has learned how to manage relationships in a professional business manner with clear communication. Prospective bad tenants will try just about anything to provoke you into doing something you will regret later. The worst thing a San Antonio property manager can do is act impulsively in a trying situation.

Know the applicable law and how it applies to every unique situation. Bad tenants can be crafty con artists who will know the regulations and laws as well as you do. It is your job to be smarter and use the law to protect yourself and your property.

Screening Tenants

The best way to avoid trouble with a bad tenant is to sniff them out before they sign a rental agreement. Once they are in, it is tough to get them out, and even if they do, there is often a nasty, costly mess left behind.

Bad tenants can be of any age, sex, race, or national origin. Experienced property managers in San Antonio know the signs of a bad tenant and can usually spot on before they hang up from the initial phone call. A thorough, verified screening process as performed by the experienced team at Pyramis Company will go a long way to avoiding hassles and frustrating expenses in the future.

The Best San Antonio Rental Property Management Company

At Pyramis Company, we measure success by the success of our clients. From creating listings to screening tenants to executing lease agreements and property maintenance, Pyramis Company strives to change the way you think about rental property management. To get started with Pyramis Company, contact a member of our team today!